Spline library for Snap!

中文版本 Preface My interest in 3D environments came from this paper by Croquet team. I learned this perspective on interactive graphical computing from Alan Kay: the power of desktop metaphor/GUI is psychological, it create a “illusion” for users, as if things are right there on the screen, so users can transfer their real-world experience, just like dealing with physical objects, to interacting with virtual objects on the

Snap! 中的 Spline 库

English version 前言 对 3D 环境的最初兴趣来自 Croquet 团队的这篇论文. 从 Alan Kay 那里学到这样的一种视角来看待交互式图形计算: 桌面隐喻/GUI 的力量是心理层面的, 它们为

iframe library for Snap!

中文版本 Preface The <iframe> HTML element represents a nested browsing context, embedding another HTML page into the current one. – iframe I want to have a iframe library that can bring Internet resources into Snap! through iframe element and interoperate with Snap!. With it, we can do many interesting things: Display markdown documents programmatically Display instructional video programmatically Display online slides programmatically Introducing 3D world/game, and using

Snap! 中的 iframe 库

English version 前言 将另一个 HTML 页面嵌入到当前页面中 – iframe 我一直渴望拥有一个 Snap! iframe 库, 这个库最好足够通用, 它能够将各种各样的互联网资源通过 iframe 引入到 Snap! 里, 并与 Snap!


中文版本 I had a deep nap When I woke up, it took me a while to remember where I was and who I was

Bringing GPT-4o to Snap!

中文版本 Preface I previously wrote an article discussing the AI assistant in graphical programming environment. The experiment at that time showed some interesting possibilities, but it was not practical. With the release of GPT-4o, especially the improvement of multimodal capabilities (audio stream and video stream APIs will be released soon), the AI assistant (or tutor) in graphical programming environment has become truly attractive: you can communicate with

Snap! 中的 GPT-4o

English version 前言 之前写过一篇文章讨论图形化编程中的 AI 助手 , 当时的实验展示了一些有趣的可能性, 但实用性并不高。 随着 GPT-4o 的发布, 尤其是多模态能力的提升(不

Snap! 中的硬件模拟器

前言 @Bingo 昨晚提到: 想做一个虚拟仿真项目, 用 Python 测试了一下可行性, 感觉用 Snap! 实现是否更简单? @Bingo 目前使用的是 wokwi/avr8js, wokwi/avr8js 使用 wokwi-elements 来呈现硬件设备的外观(基于 SVG

Python function for Snap!

中文版本 The JavaScript function of Snap! is simple, flexible, and powerful. I want to emulate it to build a Python function. Preface Usage scenarios With the Python function, we can: Use the vast number of third-party libraries in the Python ecosystem(opencv-python, numpy…) Use various algorithms that have been implemented by the Python community(such as TheAlgorithms) We can both access the vast